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A recent survey revealed that 95% of the population rate the government’s management in security matters as positive. 91% agree with the measures taken against gang members.

The latest poll was conducted by CID Gallup, a company with more than 45 years of experience in consulting, business intelligence, data collection, and analysis for market, social, public opinion, and political studies.

The above is the conclusion of the study carried out by CID Gallup, between August 11 and 17, the investigation has a margin of error equal to ±3 points, with a confidence level of 95%.

In addition, there is a very high level of support for thought measures against gang members which have empowered the government to arrest approximately 50,000+ people linked to criminal activities.

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In addition to these measures, strict control has been incorporated into public transport units. There’s also very thorough vehicle control in different locations at random in the country, all these actions also allowed the reduction of murders to the lowest in the history of the country bringing hope and new investments.

The citizens also saw the reduction of extortion to the lowest in history, many of them are businessmen who own these transport units, little groceries stores, and many more businesses.

In past years public transport was very dangerous, there were many thefts, murders, terror attacks, and mass murders. Nowadays, people are not afraid to go outside and you can even see people using cell phones on public transport. That was a big issue before and no one dared to do that.

Also, street vendors are not paying the extortion; overall, there is a climate of hope and prosperity thanks to the current regime of exception.

At the close of that study, it concludes that El Salvador maintains only one in ten households live with someone who has been a victim of crime in the last four months, while in other countries like Guatemala it is 53%, Nicaragua 45%, and Ecuador 43, Panama 14%, and Costa Rica 12%, according to similar polls made by this company.

Overall, the country is on the right path. In conclusion, there is a long way to be traveled hoping that the current numbers improve, bringing new investments to the country and exposure for international travelers and providing headlines that can boost the country to levels never seen before.

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