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Guy Malone, Bitcoiner, editor and fresh podcast host has launched a new podcast format. On ‘Bitcoin(BTC) For A Better World’ guests discuss top Bitcoin(BTC) news events and why they matter (!) while offering fun educational snippets to help beginners and “no-coiners” learn the many ways in which Bitcoin(BTC) and Bitcoiners are making this world a better place.

How? For freedoms of speech, privacy, human rights, financial inclusion of the unbanked and marginalized, and providing the only possible opt-out from the Central Bank Oligarchy World Economic Forum Beast system. For starters.

Introductory Beginners’ Video: “Is Bitcoin(BTC) The Mark of the Beast?” by Guy Malone

Not financial advice: Guy Malone has earned the Certified Bitcoin(BTC) Professional (technical knowledge certification) and serves as a freelance Copy Editor for Bitcoin(BTC) Magazine and Bitcoin(BTC) News but is not a financial advisor.

There is no guarantee of financial profit if one chooses to “invest” in bitcoin; however we are enthusiasts who do encourage bitcoin collecting (like fine art, wine, comic books, baseball cards, silver and gold for hobbyist, philosophical, aesthetic reasons, which may or may not appreciate in value when compared to other assets (such as unbacked government-created fiat currencies, like dollars or evil CBDCs)). 

Malone holds and shares a personal spiritual belief that “Bitcoin(BTC) is grain,” e.g., something which God is leading many to collect and store over a few years’ period in order to survive famines and to help others when the ship hits the sand. Malone’s enthusiastic evangelism of bitcoin collecting is his spiritual/religious opinion and counsel, not financial advice, but occasionally guests (see below) on the program are certified financial professionals so maybe you should listen to them.

“Bitcoin(BTC), for a better world” 6-episdoe pilot begins! The guests below (and more ? have said yes. Despite my credentials and years of study, this program is partly just an excuse for me to learn about the many aspects of bitcoin which I still don’t understand. Except instead of having the guest explain to me, I ask them them to explain in a way which people who don’t yet hold or grok bitcoin can understand.

Sept 11, 2022 – Ep 001 – Keith Mukai “Wallets What & Why?”

Sept 18, 2022 – Ep 002 – Morgen Rochard, CFA, CPA to Investment Advisors “Bitcoin(BTC) Not Crypto”

Sept 25, 2022 – Ep 003 – Jason Sellers “Into the ETHer”

Oct 2, 2022 – Ep 004 – An anon who canceled his 401k and went all in with bitcoin!

Oct 9, 2022 – Ep 005 – Bob Burnett, Barefoot Mining.  What is bitcoin mining?

Oct 16, 2022 – Ep 006 – Doctor Bitcoin(BTC), Jailed for selling bitcoin! (Link is to my article)

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