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We are incredibly excited to announce our latest major myNode release – Version 0.3.0!

This has been in the works since early in the year and offers a number of new apps and features as well as some major behind-the-scenes updates. Here are the highlights.


The most noticeable new feature is the application marketplace. After upgrading, a new tile will appear on the myNode homepage.

myNode Marketplace

After opening the Marketplace, you will be presented with information on all the applications available on the myNode platform – descriptions, screenshots, authors, web links, and more.

myNode Marketplace

To get more information, click on an application to get more details.

myNode mempool

All apps are available for installation with a single click.

Software Development Kit

A new Software Development Kit has been released alongside this new myNode release v0.3.0. The SDK is a tool that allows developers to easily build they apps so they can be run on myNode and shared with the community.

A separate open-source project has been launched with information on how to use the SDK and is available on GitHub.

myNode SDK

Any applications built with the SDK can be submitted to myNode to be included in future releases, or manually shared with community members for installation via the Community apps section in the Marketplace.

submit myNode app

Premium+ Service

The last major addition in v0.3.0 is the inclusion of a new service to get more out of your node, Premium+.

Premium+ offers a number of additional benefits to subscribers:

  • Extended Support
  • Lightning Watchtower
  • Remotely monitor your node via

Over time, more features will be added to Premium+ with the goal being simpler remote access and management of your node.

myNode Premium+

We hope you enjoy the latest features and exploring all the new release has to offer.

Upgrade now! (or checkout BitcoinNews’ myNode review)