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The largest accounting firm in the world, Deloitte, conducted a survey at the end of 2021 from December 3-16. The goal? To find out how likely retail merchant stores are to accept bitcoin for payment of cosmetics, electronics, food and beverage, fashion, transportation.

One of their more interesting results shows that the retailers believed consumer interest in paying with bitcoin had gone up 3200% in 12 months, so they too expected their suppliers to accept bitcoin as payment.

30% of the 2000 merchants who participated had already integrated bitcoin payments in their sales systems. And 39% were planning to finish their setups within the next 12 months.

Today, eight months later, bitcoin’s price is comparatively low.

But hodlers will not be shaken. Innovations that further reduce costs while enabling a synergy of collaborations, such as those in the Lightning Network, are paving the way.

Events like the Bitcoin(BTC) Zitadelle conference will power pump Bitcoiners so they remain on the good path of monetary righteousness.

Major companies – such as Microsoft, Whole Foods or Gyft – and about 15,000 other businesses worldwide currently accept Bitcoin(BTC) as payment. And, though you can’t pay in bitcoins on Amazon, you can buy gift cards with bitcoin at Bitrefill and redeem them on the world’s biggest on-line retailer websites.

So, what are you waiting, Jeff?