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Gas are higher than ever all over the world as inflation shows its fierce effects on the economy. A Bitcoin(BTC) startup now wants to offer relief through bitcoin rewards for gas (real gas at the pump, not shitcoins).

Bitcoin(BTC) rewards application Lolli has chosen the energy company Chevron as its new official fuel partner. According to a recent announcement by the company, users can now earn $0.35 in Bitcoin(BTC) rewards on every fuel refill at Chevron and Texaco. The reward will be paid in Satoshis, the small units of Bitcoin(BTC).

Lolli has made the process simple for users to link any debit or credit card on the Lolli app for iOS. Once you’ve signed up you can activate a Chevron Card boost before heading to the fill-up at the Chevron pump. After filling up their tanks, users will get an email within a few hours to inform them that their gas rewards have been processed. The company will send the rewards directly to the users’ Lolli Wallet.

Lolli is Focused on Fighting Inflation

Lolli notes the high levels of inflation around the world and how the consumers’ purchasing power is shrinking. It stated:

“Here at Lolli, we think buying things like fuel and groceries should be rewarding – not a drain on your resources as the cost of living goes up.”

It also noted the advantages of having Chevron as a partner over its competitors. Lolli claims that Chevron offers a better gas, and its special patented fuel additive called Techron aids with carbon build-up and maximizes the vehicle’s mileage.