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El Salvador will be once again venue of choice for ‘Adopting Bitcoin(BTC)’. From November 15th to 17th the conference will gather international speakers, experts, business and the local bitcoin community.

Max Keiser, bitcoin advocate since 2011 is confirmed as a headline speaker. Keiser who has setup a venture fund in El Salvador has long been a big supporter of president Bukele and the Bitcoin(BTC) movement at Bitcoin(BTC) Beach.

Max Keiser and Mexican Billionaire visit El Salvador Bitcoin(BTC) Mine with helicopter

Besides Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert, many more bitcoin experts, developers, builders and investors are joining Adopting Bitcoin(BTC).

Max Keiser And Adopting BitcoinBTC Back In El Salvador

The first Adopting Bitcoin(BTC) conference in 2021 made the headlines around the world when presidente Bukele announced plans for a new Bitcoin(BTC) city.

The Bitcoin(BTC) Law leveled the playing field between Bitcoin(BTC) and the Dollar in El Salvador. Salvadorans went from 70% unbanked to having the option of using Bitcoin(BTC) as money.

This novel situation comes with both, the challenge to onboard users, and the opportunity to learn from them for the benefit of the entire ecosystem – from protocol and application devs to entrepreneurs and investors.

A successful adoption of Bitcoin(BTC) at this scale will be a historic milestone that could benefit both Salvadorans and the Bitcoin(BTC) ecosystem for years to come, and serve as a blueprint for peoples that want to follow the footprint of Salvadorans.

Building The Future

The conference aimed to enable exchange and networking for bitcoiners, businesses, developers and investors alike. The program is packed with talks by experts who are at the frontier of development in the bitcoin industry.

“We strive to make Adopting Bitcoin(BTC) to be that convention that brings together the independently working builders: to update themselves and share their own learnings on how to achieve the common goal to make a fairer economy and financial system a reality for more people. If you are working on furthering Bitcoin(BTC) adoption, we want you to come and share with us in El Salvador. We want to hear from you and your part of the world, your techniques, efforts and successes.” read the Adopting Bitcoin(BTC) blog post from July.

People From El Salvador Just Pay $21 For Tickets

The organizers of Adopting Bitcoin(BTC) want to open up the event for the local community. For this reason, locals pay only $21 for a ticket. “As the old financial system is becoming visibly unstable, we are here to support Salvadorans to better understand Bitcoin(BTC) technology.” Moritz Wietersheim explains.

If you are from El Salvador and want to take advantage of this opportunity, you can send an email [email protected] to get the ticket for only $21 for Salvadorans!