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As it looks to build on its creator connection initiatives, and amplify rising voices across its apps, Meta has announced the inaugural 25 members of its US ‘Creators of Tomorrow’ program, which aims to highlight new voices in various categories.

Meta Creators of Tomorrow

As explained by Meta:

Creators of Tomorrow is a new program that celebrates emerging talent and empowers them to build thriving communities, drive connection, shape culture, and champion inclusivity. These 25 creators are selected across five categories and stand out within their communities. From pioneering new, creative takes on video today to building immersive worlds tomorrow, they represent a new generation of voices shaping the future.

Meta initially launched its Creators of Tomorrow program in EMEA last month, and now, it’s adding US-based creators into the program, which, as Meta notes, includes representatives in five content categories:

  • Redefining Community – Leaders of rising communities that champion social change
  • #NoFilter Empowerment – Creators working to break down barriers through conversations about well-being
  • Creative Excellence – ‘Top level’ creators who express themselves in unique ways
  • On the Rise – Emerging creators that are making their mark on popular culture through their content
  • Future-Ready – Web3, NFT and VR creators who are influencing the future of online culture

Meta will work with the chosen creators over the next year to help them expand their audiences ‘and turn their passions into professions across our technologies’.

Meta’s keen to establish stronger bonds with creators, with a view to maximizing engagement in its apps, while it also knows that it’ll need to win over creators as part of its broader metaverse push.

Because the metaverse won’t be cool unless top influencers say it is, while the top creators will also be able to create unique, engaging experiences in the VR realm that can draw bigger audiences in.

As such, Meta’s new program has both immediate and longer-term benefits, and it’ll be working to add in more creator incentive programs to help boost its potential in this respect.

And from another angle, these creators could also provide some helpful insights and pointers to help brands maximize their approach to Meta’s apps. By checking out their posts, that may provide some inspiration for your own content, as these creators are indeed driving engagement with their posts.

You can read more about Meta’s US Creators of Tomorrow class here.