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After first launching its Professional Mode with selected creators in December last year, Meta is now opening up access to all creators globally, providing more options to help creators build their presence in the app.

Meta Professional Mode

Professional Mode is similar to Pages for businesses, giving creators a separate Facebook profile entity to promote their work, and build an audience.

As explained by Meta:

With professional mode, you can use professional tools to build a public following, earn money from various monetization programs, and connect with your audience in more meaningful ways. And you can do it all on the profile you already have on Facebook.

As you can see in the above images, Professional Mode provides access to a range of analytics insights and monetization tools, including direct access to features like Meta’s Reels Play bonus program, and Stars for audience donations.

Meta’s also testing new in-stream ads for creator content, which will also be accessible (where available) via your Professional Mode options.

In-stream ads are launching on an ongoing basis to eligible professional mode creators, allowing you to earn money by enabling ads before, during and/or after longer videos on demand on Facebook. We’re also testing Ads on Facebook Reels on professional mode with a group of creators across the globe.”

Essentially, Professional Mode will provide more direct access to apply for these features, but most are still in limited testing, so there’s no guarantee that you’ll actually be able to use them as yet.

Professional Mode also includes post scheduling options (along with recommendations on when to post to maximize engagement), as well as access to a new, in-app ‘Creator Support Hub’, where creators will be able to link into additional support and education materials to get help on common issues like monetization eligibility, bullying, verification requests and more.

As it continues its metaverse push, Meta’s keen to enhance its connection with creators as a means to get them onto the metaverse shift first, which, ideally, will also entice their fans to come along for the ride.

Meta knows that it can’t create an engaging, exciting metaverse experience without top creative talent, which is why it needs to maximize its appeal to creators now, in order to better align them with its apps and features.

Because eventually, those features will include AR and VR tools that creators can then promote through their own engagement.

With this in mind, it makes sense for Meta to enhance its offerings for creators, however it can, which also has immediate benefits in driving more engagement in the app.

You can read more about Professional Mode for Facebook profiles here.