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A New Bitcoin(BTC) Meetup is organized in Palm Springs in Florida on November 3rd.

Bitcoin(BTC) News a bitcoin-only news platform launched January 2022 is presenting this networking event for bitcoin investors, developers, users and enthusiasts.

On the event’s registration page, the theme is explained as follows.

“Bitcoin(BTC) is a startup, a grassroots movement, a bootstrapped network.

In remembrance of the humble beginnings, we are inviting to a simple but honest bitcoin meetup.

No shitcoins, no fancy venue, just a good place with good people.

A good time doesn’t need anything but good people.

From executives, investors, developers to plebs, everyone is welcome. Worked hard? Play harder!

Expect valuable conversations, elevated minds, high signal, quality insight, knowledge sharing, quality over quantity networking.”

While most people associate Palm Springs with the desert city in California, Palm Springs in Florida is lesser known.

“Palm Springs is a village in Palm Beach County, Florida, United States, situated approximately 61 mi (98 km) north of Miami. The village’s name was likely derived from the resort city of Palm Springs, California.

Located in the east-central part of the county, Palm Springs is situated north of Atlantis, east of Greenacres, west of Lake Clarke Shores and Lake Worth Beach, and southwest of West Palm Beach.

The 2010 United States census recorded the village’s population at 18,928, which increased to 26,890 in the 2020 census.” – wikipedia

While Palm Springs California has twice the population of its sibling in Florida, the east-coast pendant is free from state tax and offers a vibrant bitcoin community in Miami and Broward County.

The meetup is designed to provide a platform for quality networking and in-depth conversations for bitcoiners in the region. While the event on Nov 3rd will be the first of its kind, future meetups will be planned if the event is a success.

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