England will receive USD 1.6 million (approximately Rs. 13 crore) as prize money after beating Pakistan in the T20 World Cup 2022 final at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) on Sunday.

The total prize pool of the tournament is USD 5.6 million and all 16 teams that participated in the event will be rewarded. While England bagged the highest amount, runner-up Pakistan will receive USD 800,000 (approximately Rs. 6.5 crore), exactly half of the amount the winner got. India and New Zealand, who lost in the semifinals, will receive USD 400,000 (approximately Rs. 3.25 crore) each.

The eight teams (Australia, Sri Lanka, Ireland, Afghanistan, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Netherlands, Bangladesh) that exited in the Super 12 stage will take home USD 70,000 (approximately Rs. 56.8 lakh) each. Every win in the Super 12s is worth an additional USD 40,000 (approximately Rs. 32.5 lakh).

The four teams (West Indies, Namibia, Scotland, UAE) that were knocked out in the first round will receive USD 40,000 each, with an additional USD 40,000 for every victory registered during the round.

Total USD 5,600,000 (~ Rs. 45.4 crore)
Winner USD 1,600,000 (~ Rs. 13 crore)
Runner-up USD 800,000 (~ Rs. 6.5 crore)
Losing semifinalists USD 400,000 (~ Rs. 3.25 crore)
Super 12 wins USD 40,000 (~ Rs. 32.5 lakh)
Super 12 exit USD 70,000 (~ Rs. 56.8 lakh)
First Round wins USD 40,000 (~ Rs. 32.5 lakh)
First Round exit USD 40,000 (~ Rs. 32.5 lakh)