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Swiss luxury watchmaker Hublot has announced that it will accept Bitcoin(BTC) as a payment method, starting with a limited-edition release of the Big Bang Unico collection, which only has 200 pieces.

According to an official announcement by the 1980-founded company, it has partnered with a Bitcoin(BTC) payment service provider to bring the functionality to the limited-edition collection release.

Moreover, Hublot will continue beyond the upcoming release and aims to expand the payment method to its other products. While Bitcoin(BTC) adoption as a payment method starts with the limited-edition collection, the addition of Bitcoin(BTC) to the platform will not go away for the U.S. eBoutique.

Customers will need to pay about $21,800, or a little more than the current price of 1 BTC, to own one of the watches from this collection. The Unico limited offering is made of titanium, and the Big Bang series is Hublot’s signature design.

Interestingly, several luxury brands have been entering the crypto space recently. The rival Swiss luxury watchmaker Tag Heuer announced Bitcoin(BTC) acceptance as a payment on May 19. Moreover, as BitcoinNews reported, Gucci is set to accept Bitcoin(BTC) in stores located in the United States as well.

Customers can pay with Bitcoin(BTC) (and shitcoins) to purchase Gucci products across the US.