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TikTok has announced its 2022 Discover List, which highlights 50 platform creators that are not only building communities on the platform, and advancing creativity, but are also driving positive impact, on TikTok and beyond.

As explained by TikTok:

Discover List creators continue to foster a global community on TikTok that celebrates creativity, discovery, and authentic expression – they entertain, shine light on important topics, educate, and inspire. Whether they’re empowering others to learn something new, challenging viewers to try trending recipes, or inspiring their audience to join movements that advocate for lasting, positive change, these creators impact culture and society as we know it.”

The selected users have been separated into five categories, with ten representatives in each.

Those categories are:

  • Changemakers – Advocates for change, driving social impact through their clips
  • Foodies – Creative chefs and home cooks taking new approaches to culinary experimentation
  • Icons – The emerging leaders of key trends and culture in the app
  • Innovators – People using creative formats and ideas to push things forward in the app
  • Originators – Creators who’ve started viral dances, sounds, aesthetics and more. 

TikTok will be highlighting its Discover List creators in its brand channels in the app, while it’s also published a digital booklet that provides an overview of each of the chosen innovators.

TikTok Discover List

It’s a good way to learn more about some of the top creators and trends in the app, and improve your general understanding of key TikTok influences.

It could also provide more understanding of important shifts within different communities, and if your brand has connection to a specific sector, that could be a great way to find new inspiration and ideas, and even potential collaborators, within the app.

The key to maximizing campaign reach and resonance on TikTok is understanding platform trends, and these creative leaders provide valuable pointers on exactly that, so it is worth taking the time to go through and check out what it is they do, and how they do it.

You can learn more about TikTok’s Discover List creators here.