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Looking to make TikTok a bigger focus within your digital marketing approach?

This will help. TikTok has published a new 34-page guide on TikTok marketing strategy, which it claims will provide “a roadmap to creative success, highlighting the solutions to help you build impact-driving video content with ease.”

You can download the full guide here (with email sign-up), but in this post, we’ll take a look at some of the highlights.

TikTok’s new guide is split into three segments to guide your approach, and optimize your strategy.

TikTok Creative Guide

Each section includes key tips and insights, along with links through to relevant TikTok tools that can assist:

TikTok Creative Guide

And there are some handy hints, including this overview of how to maximize your first 3-6 seconds (and why you need to):

TikTok Creative Guide

There are also pointers on relevant TikTok tools that can help in the process:

TikTok Creative Guide

And overviews of newer elements of TikTok’s platform that can help to improve your ads, including its latest automation and AI-powered creation tools.

TikTok Creative Guide

It’s a handy overview, with a heap packed into the 34 pages. If you’re looking to make TikTok a bigger focus, or considering how to approach the app, it’s definitely worth downloading the guide, and reading through all the notes.

And even if you think you know TikTok already, it’s always worth checking and ensuring you’re across the latest tools and options.

You can download TikTok’s full “TikTok Creative Made Simple” guide here.