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YouTube’s looking to help users add more context to their Shorts clips, with the addition of location tagging within the upload flow in the app.

YouTube Shorts location tagging

As you can see, YouTube’s now rolling out a new ‘Location’ field in the Shorts upload process, which will make it easier for users to add location to their Shorts clips.

As per YouTube:

“Currently, location tagging is only available on the Shorts metadata editor post-upload, meaning that creators can retroactively edit their Shorts metadata and add location to it. Now, we’re experimenting giving creators the ability to add a location to their Shorts during the upload process on mobile.”

Location data can add important contextual info to uploads, and better enable YouTube’s systems to highlight more relevant clips to each user. TikTok, for example, uses location info to show you more localized clips and updates, which often prove to be more engaging, especially those within your immediate local area.

YouTube’s effectively looking to catch-up, and while as YouTube notes, it is possible to add location to your Shorts uploads now, I’d hazard a guess that a lot more people will do so once it’s more readily available.

And for businesses looking to use Shorts, that could also help you get your content in front of more people in your area.

The update is currently in testing with selected YouTube users – we’ll keep you updated on any progress.