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It’s now 45 days till Christmas, which means we’re 51 days away from 2023.

Yes, that seems way close than you thought. Yes, we were supposed to have flying cars by now. No, I don’t know who’s working on flying cars, or who that’s been assigned to, or whether flying cars will need wings, or if you’ll be able to drive one with or without a pilot’s license…

I’m getting off topic – the point is that 2023 is getting close, so you need to start thinking about your marketing and branding plans for the new year, alongside your holiday campaigns.

And within that, maybe it’s time for a new approach to your visual branding?

To help with this, the team from Venngage have put together a new overview of the top 8 emerging visual design trends that will become more prominent in the next year.

Some interesting notes, which may be worth factoring into your flying ca… I mean, digital marketing strategy.  

Graphic Design Trends infographic