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Have you felt the allure of nostalgia in media, like when Stranger Things takes you back to foam-covered headphones of the 80s, or a Fleetwood Mac song, linked to a TikTok trend, reminds you of the steady hands required when tuning in the clock radio dial?

That can be a strong psychological draw, and the best marketing teams know that nostalgia can play a big role in winning over their target market, if they can get their cues just right for the people they’re looking to reach.

Which is worth considering in your campaigns – and if you are looking for a nostalgic angle, this new infographic from Spiralytics will help.

As per Spiralytics:

Nostalgia is defined as the longing for the past, especially for people, places, and periods with favorable associations. This human aspect of yearning is incorporated into Nostalgia Marketing – a marketing strategy used to associate the target audience’s positive emotions about the previous decades with a product or service to boost sales.

Again, a powerful, and potentially valuable aspect to consider in your marketing. Take a look at the full infographic below.

Nostalgia marketing