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Here’s one for the big ad nerds out there, getting into even deeper analytics.

Google has today announced some new updates to its Ads Data Hub option, which enables marketers to upload their own, first-party data into BigQuery, then join it with Google event-level ad data to uncover deeper, aggregated audience response insights to their promotions.

As explained in the video, Ads Data Hub provides a privacy-safe link between your data and Google’s insights to help uncover more detail on how people are engaging with your ads, which can then better inform your marketing approach.

And now, Google’s adding some new elements to Ads Data Hub to enhance the offering.

First off, Google’s adding a new ‘Ads Data Hub for Marketers’ element, which will provide a new way for advertisers and agencies to analyze their data.

“With this solution, they can seamlessly access insights to better inform the way they purchase media. This means a simplified experience for marketers running queries and activating their first-party data.

Google says that this improved service will help marketers generate more insights with less need for technical resources, while Google also plans to also implement Publisher Advertiser Identity Reconciliation (PAIR) to provide even more insight.

“In addition to these improvements, marketers will soon be able to activate their audience segments on new inventory, including YouTube. As privacy expectations evolve, we will continue to build more solutions that enable advertisers and agencies to measure and activate their first-party data with Ads Data Hub for Marketers.

Google’s also launching ‘Ads Data Hub for Measurement Partners’, which will give partners a new access point to provide YouTube measurement services on behalf of marketers, advertisers, agencies, or publishers.

“With this launch, it’ll be easier for partners to offer accurate measurement and deliver near real-time insights. For marketers, this means they can work with independent third-party partners to calculate and report on YouTube ad performance across devices, formats, and metrics.”

Google says that these enhanced measurement services will be available to marketers via partner vendors, providing more ways to dig into consumer data, enhanced by Google insight.

As noted, Ads Data Hub is a more advanced ad solution, which can provide in-depth notes on key ad response trends – but is a more technical solution.

But for businesses that have the dev resources available, it could be a big benefit, while others may also be able to glean more insight by working with Google partner brands to run their first-party data through the process.

You can learn more about Google’s Ads Data Hub here.