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Google’s adding some new shopping assistance tools, just in time for the holidays, which will be of big benefit for shoppers, but could also have significant implications for online retailers, particularly in regards to understanding your competitors and market.

First off, Google’s integrating coupon codes and promotions into product search results, which will help people connect with seasonal offers and deals, without having to go searching for the relevant info elsewhere.

Google Shopping update

As explained by Google:

Our new promotion badge will show up in Search on items running a promotion (like “15% off with coupon code HOLIDAYS”). While in the past we’ve shown when items are on sale or the price has dropped, you can now see specific promotions and compare them to others right in Search. We’re also adding a new coupon clipping feature, which allows you to easily copy promo codes when you’re ready to buy.”

Various websites offer a similar service, in highlighting the latest promo coupons to connect users with discount opportunities. Integrating that into Google itself could have a much bigger impact, as people won’t have to know which sites to go to in order to find the same.

That could also mean that brands will need to offer better deals and discounts, and ensure that they’re registered with Google, in order to maximize opportunities. If your competitor is running a good discount promo, and users can now see that in-stream, that could be a big driver, and you’ll need to be aware of such, and how your offers match-up, as they evolve.

Also this: Google’s also adding a new side-by-side comparison display of all the listed items in a relevant product search.

“If you search for a women’s puffer coat, for example, we’ll show you a side-by-side comparison of available puffer coat deals right in your results. This new view will roll out in the US this month, just in time for the holidays.

Google Shopping update

You’ll note, too, that this display is not in the ‘Shopping’ tab, this is in the main Google search results listing for this product.

These are important listing updates that could have a big impact for online retailers.

Finally, Google’s also adding more price comparison info into product Search results.

Google Shopping update

As you can see, now, Searchers will be able to see how each merchant’s price compares to others, and whether that’s low, typical or high for each product.

Again, these are valuable and important additions for shoppers, while for retailers, they come with a range of new considerations as to how people shop, the information they’re seeing, and how your deals match up.

Google also notes that merchants are able to see how their deals are performing, and review their promotions, via Google Merchant Center – which may well be worth keeping an eye on, along with the relevant SERPs for your products.

You can read more about Google’s latest shopping updates here.