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With Google making some big changes to its Search algorithms of late, which could have major impacts on your site traffic, it may well be worth tuning into the upcoming ‘Search On 22’ event, where Google will outline the latest advances in Search, and how it’s looking to improve its results.

Google Search On 2022

Search On 2022 will be held on Wednesday September 28th at 10am PT/1pm. ET, and will include a range of Google Search experts discussing the latest advances and approaches in Search ranking.

As per Google:

“During the event, you’ll hear about how Google is reimagining its core information products to help people make sense of the world in more natural and intuitive ways.”

That, of course, also includes its most recent ‘helpful content’ update, which is designed to better highlight websites in Search results that create content ‘for humans’, as opposed to web pages that have been designed purely with SERP ranking in mind.

That could have a big impact, because for years, common SEO advice has been to create webpages with top ranking keywords and search terms scattered throughout your text. That approach is still valid, but some websites have leaned too far into building pages with these technical SEO elements front of mind, which has essentially seen them slide more towards gaming the system, as opposed to providing the most relevant, valuable results for people.

Google’s also recently launched new updates to Search snippets, contextual results, content advisory warnings and more.

Really, as Google says, Search is always improving, with the company making thousands of tweaks and changes to its algorithms every year (it made 4,500 changes to Search in 2020 alone). Which is why SEO remains an inexact science – in fact, I doubt even internal experts from Google would be able to explain all of the various complexities at play, and how they relate to every single website and page.

Which is why publicly accessible events like this are important, because each person is viewing the presented info from a different context. A change or tweak detailed here could have major implications for your website, but may not mean a lot in the broader scheme of Google’s plan.

Tuning in for yourself can ensure that you get that context, which could help to keep your pages ranking high moving forward.

You’ll be able to watch the Google ‘Search On’ live-stream here later in the month.