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Google’s looking to provide more transparency on the ads being run across its apps, with the launch of a new Ads Transparency Center, which will provide insight into the details of each organization and campaign.

Google Ads Transparency Center

As you can see in these images, the new Google Ads Transparency Center will provide a means to search ads by topic, advertiser or website. You’ll then be able to filter the listings by region, so you can see exactly which ads are being run where, while you’ll also be able to access info on when each campaign previously run, and the ad format/s used.

As per Google:

“The Ads Transparency Center is a searchable hub of all ads served from verified advertisers. This one-stop shop was designed with you in mind by ensuring you have easy access to information about the ads you see from Google.”

The new insights will ensure more transparency in Google ads, while users will also be able to block or report any ads that they find direct from these listings.

It could also function as a handy research element for digital marketers, enabling you to dig into how competitors are using Google ads – across Search, YouTube, and more – to promote their business.

That could be a very valuable complement within your research tools. It’s not as in-depth as Facebook’s Ads Library, but the examples and platform details provide some valuable pointers as to how each brand is seeking to use Google’s ad options to best effect.

The new Google Ads Transparency Center will be available direct from any ad, by tapping on the three dots menu, while you’ll also be able to access the platform via My Ad Center.

Google says that its Ads Transparency Center will be rolling out globally ‘over the coming weeks’.