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Google’s taking a new approach to its latest Black-owned Friday promotion, with the search giant teaming up with Ludacris to launch a new song, with a music video that featured a range of shoppable products, all sourced from Black-owned businesses.

The video features more than 100 products, from over 60+ Black-owned businesses, while it also highlights business owners, creators, athletes and more.

There’s also an interactive version of the video clip, with viewers able to guide Ludacris on his journey through the various options.

Google Black-owned Friday

It’s essentially influencer marketing on the grandest scale, with Ludacris helping to raise the profile of the promotion, and shine a spotlight on these partner brands.

Which, really, is what most platforms are now trying to facilitate. Not necessarily with Grammy Award-winning artists, but through the provision of new tools and processes which enable brands to showcase their products within the video clips of popular creators, which could become the next big trend in digital commerce.

That’s part of the live-stream commerce push, providing a means to facilitate connection with popular creators, while also merging that with direct buying options, which has proven to be a winning formula for driving sales in Asian markets.

It hasn’t caught on with western shoppers in the same way yet, but when big-name stars talk, many consumers listen, and the capacity to actually tune in, in real-time, can be a big driver in prompting consumer action.

Which is also what Google’s hoping to drive with this push. And it’ll certainly get attention.

Now you just need to tap into your networks to link up with your own celebrity-led campaign along similar lines.