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Looking for another way to maximize interest in your upcoming holiday event?

This could help – today, Google has announced that businesses can register for new .rsvp domains, which could make it easier for people to remember the URL to connect to your upcoming event.

Google .rsvp domains

As per Google:

Perhaps you’re planning a “friendsgiving” gathering, a New Year’s soiree or a milestone birthday bash. Starting today, you’ll be able to register .rsvp domain names for your event website. It’s the latest secure top-level domain from Google Registry. The .rsvp top-level domain is perfect for any event where you need guests to confirm their plans with you – or, as the French say, répondez, s’il vous plait.

How it works is, you can now head to register an .rsvp domain for your company – like, for example, ‘’.

On the site, you can check for availability of your chosen .rsvp URL:

Google .rsvp domains

You can then tap through to register the domain name with your provider of choice, for a one-time fee.

You can then use that domain as a referral driver for your event registration or promos, with the link transferring to your website, or a custom page that you create.

Google says that .rsvp domain names are currently available as part of its Early Access Program, with all domains soon to be made publicly available, at variable fees (note: these are Google Domains prices).

Google .rsvp domains

I’m not sure that it would be a huge plus for event registration, but it may help to improve recall and branding, and get more people aware of where to go to sign up for your event.

Either way, it’s another consideration. To learn more about .rsvp domains, check out