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Looking for last-minute Valentine’s Day ideas?

This could help – Google has revealed the most common date night idea searches in each state, which Google says have reached a record high in the last month.

Google Valentine's Day

Some interesting ideas here, that you likely hadn’t considered. Escape rooms seem like a very popular option.

Google’s also provided a listing of the top cities to visit for Valentine’s Day, by US state.

Google Valentine's Day travel trends by US state

I mean, you’re probably cutting it close if you haven’t got anything planned as yet, but maybe, a last-minute, after-work trip?

Google also says that:

  • Flower bouquet’ is one of the most popular search terms around Valentine’s Day, but ‘beef jerky bouquet’ is also popular (?)
  • Searches for ‘Galentine’s Instagram captions’ more than doubled in early February
  • ‘Heart-shaped pizza’, ‘heart-shaped cake’ and ‘heart-shaped pasta’ are the most searched foods, while ‘heart-shaped taco platter near me’ queries rose more than 300% in early February.
  • ‘When to break up’ gets three times more searches than ‘when to propose’ around Valentine’s Day

Okay, the last note is a little sad, but these are some interesting insights into Valentine’s Day trends, and how people look to interact and engage around the event.

And while, from a marketing perspective, this is all a bit late for this year’s event, it could be worth noting for future planning, and tying into key, local trends leading into V Day.

You can check out Google’s full Valentine’s Day trends overview here.