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Have you got plans in place to surprise your Valentine this year?

If you haven’t, this post serves as a reminder to book something right now, while also as a reference for some broader Valentine’s Day trends, which could provide some last-minute inspiration for your romance-themed content.

Google has published some new overviews of Valentine’s Day data, based on Search activity, which point to what’s popular this year, and what people are looking to do to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

First off, Google’s shared an updated map of unique Valentine’s date night ideas by state:

Google Valentine's Day Search trends

Pizza seems like a good one, I think Wyoming sounds like my speed.

Google’s also provided some notes on the most popular flowers of the season to impress your significant other.

Google Valentine's Day Search trends

Not sure that “Lego flowers” really counts, and I’m not sure they’ll look as impressive arranged in a bouquet. But that’s what the trend data says, so…

Google’s also updated its Google doodle background image for the event, which, when tapped, links to a Valentine’s Day chemistry quiz activation.

Google Valentine's Day Search trends

Theoretically, this is supposed to help show you the type of person you’d like to be matched with, but it doesn’t really provide much insight, it’s more just for fun.

If you are running a Valentine’s Day promotion, you’ve no doubt already got everything locked, but you could look to incorporate some of these insights into your messaging, in order to customize your outreach based on the latest regional trends.

Maybe you could recommend some good movies for date night, or ask your audience for their movie tips to help enhance engagement.