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It’s a new year, and many of us are trying to implement fresh, healthy habits, and establish measures for self-improvement that will reap longer-term benefits.

One of these considerations is work-life balance, and ensuring that you don’t end up having your mind occupied by work every minute of every day. Which, for social media managers, can be particularly difficult.

With your device on you at all times, it’s hard to resist checking in, and ensuring that you’re on top of the latest, while the rapid pace of the internet has changed the way our brains function, reducing our attention spans and giving us a constant sense of FOMO.

It’s hard not to check your phone during every ad break, right?

That can be harmful, and it is worth considering whether you should be cutting down on your screen time to give your brain a break, or to focus on other things, like reading books or spending time with family and friends.

This could help – the team from Giraffe Social have put together a listing of recommendations to help you map out a more healthy approach to digital consumption.

Could be worth considering in your process.

How to reduce screen time infographic