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This is an interesting addition for digital marketers – Instagram had added a new ‘Lead Form’ option within your IG business profile action buttons, which provides new ways to generate direct response from your business presence in the app.

Instagram lead forms

As you can see here, now, you can select ‘Add Lead Form’ as an action button on your profile, in addition to the existing three CTA buttons available. You can choose either a standard data collection CTA, or add custom questions, in order to further guide queries.

The process enables you to choose multiple choice or short answer responses, providing another way to glean insight from your IG profile visitors.

Instagram lead forms

It could be a good way to further qualify interest coming from the app, and gather more information for follow-up and planning.

You could, for example, use these queries to better segment and prioritize queries, or as a simple way to express more of your brand persona, and engage with users in the app. It could also help you gather information on your business – like how people heard about you, etc.

It’s not clear whether this is a test, because while more users are seeing the option in the app, it’s not listed on Instagram’s official overview of Action Buttons as yet (we’ve asked IG for more info on this).

But more business users do indeed now have the option, and it could be worth checking your IG CTA options, and considering how you might be able to use it.