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Instagram’s looking to get into the Valentine’s Day spirit with a range of themed activations and options that you can integrate into your posts and Stories.

First off, for one day only, Instagram’s replacing its usual Stories reactions set with six love-themed emojis, which all include hearts in various form.

Instagram Valentine's Day

It’s an interesting way to celebrate the event, and the first time that Instagram has replaced its Reactions set entirely. 

That could help to spark renewed interest and attention in the app.

As you can see in the second screenshot above, Instagram’s also adding animated versions of these reactions in DMs.

“When someone shows you love and reacts to your story with one of the limited-time Valentine’s quick reactions, it will amplify the love with a fun animation in your DM chat thread”

There’ll also be a special animation set for each emoji reaction sent by your followers, when you check who has viewed your story on the day.

Instagram’s also taking the opportunity to highlight some recent additions which also tie into the theme, including its new profile sharing option, which enables you to quickly share your profile info.

Instagram Valentine's Day

Instagram’s also brought back Valentine’s Day stickers for both Stories and Reels, providing another way to link into the event.

Finally, Instagram has also shared some insight into the most popular love-related hashtags and topics, based on hashtag use.

Instagram Valentine's Day

Some interesting insight into the state of the IG sphere, while the various Valentine’s options will provide plenty of opportunity to engage in the event.

Instagram’s Valentine’s Day elements will only be around for one day (on iOS), so check them out while you can.