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LinkedIn is launching a native post scheduling feature, while company pages will also now be able to follow other pages in the app. The changes are part of the platform’s latest feature update – here’s an overview of the latest LinkedIn app functions.

First off, on post scheduling – now, when you compose a post on the web, you’ll also be able to select a date and time that you want the update to go live.

LinkedIn post scheduling

As per LinkedIn:

“As a marketer, we know it takes time and resources to strategize, create, and publish content in order to reach your audience. To help you manage and share content at the right time, you can now select the specific date and time for your Page posts to go live, all within the platform.”

Of course, marketers have been able to schedule LinkedIn posts via third party social media management apps for years, but native scheduling tools can, in some ways, be a better way to go, as they’re more directly aligned with the platform systems, which can make it easier to, for example, tag other pages, or see how your post will look in the app.

LinkedIn’s native post scheduling option will enable you to map out your posts up to three months in advance, while you’ll also be able to see all of your scheduled posts via your company page tools.

It could be a handy option, though it’s only available in the web version of the app at this stage.

In addition to this, company pages will also now be able to share an automated post when they add an open job listing, in order to help maximize exposure and reach. 

On another front, LinkedIn’s adding audio events for Company Pages, providing another way to engage with your on-platform audience.

LinkedIn audio events

Which seems a little behind the times, given the social audio wave was now two years back. But LinkedIn’s never been one to move with the trends, and it could be that live audio events actually fit better on LinkedIn than they would on Twitter or Facebook (which recently removed the last remnants of its own social audio push).

On LinkedIn, you could end up with a selection of opportunities to make professional connections via audio events, or tune into industry-specific discussions with leaders in your field. Given the platform’s user base, it could end up being a valuable addition, even if broader interest in audio options has tailed off.

LinkedIn first launched audio events in Creator Mode last June, and is now expanding the capacity to Company Pages.

Finally, Company Pages will now be able to follow other pages in the app, providing another means to stay on top of relevant industry trends.

LinkedIn page following

“The new ability to follow other Pages as your LinkedIn Page helps you keep track of trending conversations, easily engage in industry discussions, and distinguish your brand voice by curating a feed view dedicated to content from the Pages you follow.”

That could be a great way to monitor key discussions, and find opportunities to chime in from your brand account, while you could also use it for competitor monitoring, and tracking how other business in your niche are approaching their LinkedIn strategy.

In this way, it could be similar to Facebook’s ‘Pages to Watch’ element in Insights, which can be a valuable source of inspiration and insight, helping to refine your approach.

Or you could use it to monitor popular accounts, in case there are opportunities for brand exposure in their comments. There’s a range of options here, and those looking to grow their LinkedIn exposure will no doubt already be considering the potential.

These are some interesting updates, all relatively small in isolation, but each with its own value and systematic application, which could provide benefits for your platform approach.

At the least, they add some new considerations. You can learn more about the latest LinkedIn feature updates here.