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After going through a brief boom period a couple of years back, where every social platform was looking to add in newsletter features, the option has cooled somewhat in recent months, with most now scaling back their newsletter creation options.

But on LinkedIn, newsletters have continued to grow, with the platform recently reporting that newsletter creation in the app was up 10X year-over-year.

Newsletters have become a popular means of connection on the platform, which could present new opportunities for your outreach. And if you’re considering LinkedIn newsletters, these new updates will help.

First off, LinkedIn’s rolling out one-click subscribe URLs and embeddable buttons, to make it easier to guide people to your Newsletter and subscription page.

LinkedIn newsletter upgrades

The link can be shared on social media, email, or on a website, and will guide users directly to LinkedIn to subscribe.

LinkedIn will also now display newsletters in search results under the creators’ name.

LinkedIn newsletter upgrades

That adds another showcase for your newsletter, which will again help to raise awareness and subscriptions.

You’ll also be able to add your Newsletter in the ‘Featured’ placement on your LinkedIn profile, while LinkedIn’s also adding custom SEO titles and descriptions, you can control how articles show up in search engines.

LinkedIn newsletter upgrades

Optimizing your SEO titles can help to improve your Google search performance, by making it clearer what your content is about within the URL display. And now, you’ll have more control over this element:

“Authors can look at any article they’ve created, click on the “Publishing menu” in the top left corner, and click “Settings” to begin customizing how they’d like their SEO title and description to appear in searches.

Finally, LinkedIn will also soon enable Newsletter creators to schedule their Newsletter send, helping to maintain a regular cadence with your newsletter outreach.

In addition to Newsletter upgrades, LinkedIn’s also launching a new analytics and tools page on member profiles, which will provide a range of analytics elements in one place.

LinkedIn newsletter upgrades

As you can see in this example, the updated analytics display, accessible from your profile page, will link through to audience insights, profile views, and post-performance, along with access to creator tools, all in the one place.

LinkedIn has also informed creators that it’s looking to improve content reach to their immediate connections, in response to feedback from users that they want to see more from their first-degree connections, while it’s also putting more emphasis on knowledge and advice content, including tutorials and insights on trends in your industry.

In combination, these updates could help you get more out of your LinkedIn newsletter efforts – and with newsletters growing fast, that could present new opportunities for your process.

Although, you would expect that there’ll be a plateau, right? People can only subscribe to so many newsletters, and there must be some point where it starts to shift.

Right now, at least, it’s a popular option, which could be worth experimenting with in 2023.