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After adding Link Sticker back in August, providing new creative considerations for your updates, LinkedIn has now also added ‘Person’ and ‘Page’ variations, providing even more ways to drive more traffic with your LinkedIn posts.

LinkedIn link sticker options

As you can see in these example screens, posted by social media expert Matt Navarra, now, in addition to the original link sticker, which let you paste a URL of your choosing on top of the frame, you can now also link to internal profiles, which could help to generate more in-app engagement.

Which is an interesting consideration, given that LinkedIn keeps seeing ‘record levels’ of engagement every single quarter.

As the platform has broadened from business-only posts, more types of interactions have been happening within the LinkedIn feed, which LinkedIn has tried to better facilitate via a range of new tools and features, including link stickers and native carousel posts.

And while LinkedIn Stories didn’t work out, elements of what would have been in LinkedIn Stories now seem to be finding their way into LinkedIn’s regular post options, including these link sticker options, as well as new post templates.

LinkedIn post templates

That provides a range of new considerations for building your LinkedIn presence, and engaging your audience in the app.

And with Twitter about to get really weird under Elon Musk, LinkedIn could be about to see a lot more activity, especially if business people looking to build their personal brand go seeking a new outlet for community-building.

I mean, LinkedIn seems like the most obvious choice in this respect, in sharing your posts with a lot of people in your niche, without having to revert to short videos or enclosed groups.

Of course, nobody knows what will become of Twitter under Elon Musk, but the signs, thus far, are not great.

And if things do go south at the app, LinkedIn could be the beneficiary, which will be something to watch for all social media managers and those looking to maximize their reach and resonance.