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As part of its ongoing effort to improve brand safety in ad placement, LinkedIn has today launched a new Brand Safety hub for its Audience Network ads, which will enable advertisers to find out more information about LinkedIn’s partner platforms, and create allow and block lists to manage the same.

LinkedIn Brand Safety Hub

LinkedIn’s Audience Network enables advertisers to extend their campaigns beyond LinkedIn itself, and share their promotions across the platform’s network of publishing partners, which includes ‘thousands of premium partner apps and websites where LinkedIn members spend their time’.

The new Brad Safety hub provides direct control over these placements.

As explained by LinkedIn:

With the Brand Safety hub, you can download and review the list of publishers that make up our Audience Network. You can also create custom allow lists and block lists, which enable you to prioritize the publishers that meet your brand safety guidelines.”

That’ll give you more control over where your LinkedIn promotions are shown beyond the app itself, which could help to both avoid unwanted placements and improve specific targeting.

You’ll also be able to apply your own Brand Suitability settings to your Audience Network placements.

If you currently leverage DoubleVerify to avoid unsuitable content and align with contextually relevant inventory, you can now import and apply DV Authentic Brand Suitability and DV Custom Contextual solutions with ease across LinkedIn Audience Network-enabled campaigns, to reach desired professional audiences across third-party apps and sites that are aligned with your brand’s needs.”

LinkedIn Brand Safety Hub

It’s a good addition to the LinkedIn Audience Network process, providing more control in placement, which could help to maximize your campaign performance.

Though it is also worth noting that restrictions can also limit campaign performance. Within this new process, it’s more about filtering out websites that don’t align with your brand – but at the same, time, it could also be used for targeting, and while you can implement restrictions, you should probably avoid doing so unless there’s a specific reason for avoiding a certain platform or placement.

You can read more about LinkedIn’s new Brand Safety hub here.