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LinkedIn has launched a new Media Planning API, aimed at agency partners, which will provide data directly sourced from LinkedIn’s platform, including user insights, to assist in strategic campaign planning.

That’ll provide more information to build your strategy, using actual, real-time data signals that can provide you with a better picture of likely reach, ROI, and more.

As explained by LinkedIn:

“The Media Planning API allows agencies to see the forecasted reach and frequency of brand campaigns before spending any budget. These insights provide marketers more accuracy and allows agencies to better scenario plan and drive measurable results on LinkedIn.”

So it’s not for all marketers, and again, it’s primarily designed to filter information through agencies. But the idea is that this expanded insight, available within the planning phase, will provide more specific info on what you can expect from your LinkedIn promotions.  

The Media Planning API includes various LinkedIn user data points, including demographics, job roles, industries, and online behaviors.

In conjunction with expert LinkedIn ad partners, it could be a valuable accompaniment, helping to drive better outcomes, with more direct linkage than regular LinkedIn ad campaigns.

LinkedIn says that interested brands can get in touch with their agency development lead or LinkedIn sales representative for more information.