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Have you ever thought about learning code, or the basics of coding, in order to improve your knowledge of online systems?

If so, then this could be the sign that you need.

Today, LinkedIn has announced that via its partnership with CoderPad, it’s launching 33 new software development courses and interactive coding exercises, which are designed to provide more pathways into coding.

And what’s more, all of these new courses are available for free till December 18th.

As per LinkedIn:

Coding skills are in hot demand, and with advances in AI and tech, these skills are changing fast. Learning through hands-on practice is the best way to stay current, to up your skills. That’s why LinkedIn Learning is partnering with CoderPad to launch over 30 new coding courses in Python, Java, SQL, JavaScript, C#, and Go, designed to help learners at all levels build today’s most in-demand coding skills through interactive exercises and real-time feedback.”

Indeed, LinkedIn says that with the rise of AI, skills for the average LinkedIn member are expected to change 65% by 2030, with technical understanding set to be a key focus, either for writing code itself, or understanding how to create more effective AI prompts and queries.

Taking these Code Challenges, you get to stand up generative AI models, cut your teeth on advanced JavaScript, solve real-world data problems in SQL, and practice skills across top programming languages from Python to Java to Go.”

LinkedIn also says that despite generative AI systems now being able to provide working code samples, coding skills remain in high demand across its platform, with software engineers among the top five most in-demand jobs, and the list of in-demand hard skills dominated by developer skills and languages.

Really, the best way to get the most out of these advanced AI systems is to enhance your understanding of how they work, and coding will give you the background knowledge to really see through the way prompts produce outputs, and how you can improve and iterate on them to get the best response.

It could set you on the path for a new career, or at the least, an improved understanding of next-level tech, which may enhance your career resilience and provide more opportunity.

You can learn more about LinkedIn’s new coding courses here.