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Looking to implement a more effective digital marketing measurement framework for 2023?

This will help – LinkedIn has published a new 15-page explainer of common KPIs, including what they measure, what that means, and how you can apply such in your process.

As per LinkedIn:

The beauty of B2B marketing KPIs, when you’re using the right ones, is that they provide a simple, focused way to gauge and course-correct campaign performance. But tracking the wrong KPIs can keep you from fixing problems and building upon successes in your campaign.” 

You can download the full guide here, but in this post, we’ll take a look at some of the key notes.

First off, LinkedIn provides an overview of SMART goals, and the difference between KPIs and ROI.

LinkedIn Marketing KPIs guide

The guide then outlines the most common KPIs to consider:

LinkedIn Marketing KPIs guide

LinkedIn’s included an explainer for each KPI as well, provide more in-depth insight into what each means and measures.

LinkedIn Marketing KPIs guide

There are also some handy equation notes to help in your planning:

LinkedIn Marketing KPIs guide

It’s good, quick guide to essential KPI insight, which could help you build a more effective measurement framework for your marketing strategy.

You can download LinkedIn’s full ‘10 Most Common B2B Marketing KPIs and How to Use Them’ guide here.