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With LinkedIn engagement at record highs, now may be a good time to reconsider your LinkedIn content strategy, in order to tap into new growth opportunities, and maximize your presence in the app.

Which is where this new guide comes in. To highlight key best practices, and help brands make the most of their in-app activity, LinkedIn has published a new overview of key posting tips and best practices, which includes a heap of tips and strategic pointers for building a presence on the platform.

As per LinkedIn:

On LinkedIn, an evolved content strategy guided by creative effectiveness begins with knowing what works best on the platform. That means getting an up-to-date view of best practices, thinking strategically about your approach, and partnering with vetted experts and integrated solution providers.”

The 13-page guide includes key notes on how to go about each of these aspects, including pointers on building an effective content strategy, and an engaging presence through your posts:

LinkedIn best practices guide

As you can see in these stats, driving emotional response is key, as it’s that psychological reaction that prompts people to want to comment or share, to interact with content, as opposed to just reading/viewing it.

LinkedIn also includes pointers on building a ‘brand-to-demand’ approach, developing thought leadership, as well as key best practices for LinkedIn feed-optimized content:

LinkedIn best practices guide

There are some good notes here, which could significantly improve your LinkedIn strategy. And with potentially more activity switching across to LinkedIn, amid concerns about the changes at Twitter, now could be a good time to start revising your LinkedIn content approach, in preparation for 2023.

If you’re looking to make LinkedIn a bigger focus, in any capacity, it’s worth downloading the guide and taking a look.

You can download LinkedIn’s ‘How Standout Creative Content Boosts Performance’ guide (with email sign-up) here.