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Meta has launched its revamped Safety Center, which is designed to make it easier for users to find relevant information to address key issues and concerns, including direct access to tools, guides, external resources, and more.

Meta Safety Center

As you can see, the new Safety Center UI provides simplified navigation, with direct links to different aspects, helping to guide you to the specific elements you need.

As per Meta:

In the center, you’ll find information about our general safety work as well as our resources for youth, women, LGBTQ+ safety, public officials, human rights defenders, journalists and other communities. We also provide information that is helpful for knowing our safety tools and policies, preventing bullying and harassment, supporting mental health and well-being, online child protection, increasing digital literacy, and other issues.”

The updated format provides more direct, up-front access to each of these areas, making it easier to get to the key resources for your specific concerns.

Meta Safety Center

It’s a handy update, which will provide more ways for users to get assistance in specific areas and elements.

Meta’s constantly working to improve all of its health and safety tools, amid rising concerns about the negative impacts of social media on mental health and well-being.

A regular stream of academic studies has highlighted the impacts of social media overuse, from impacting teens’ self-perception, to exacerbating mental health issues, to reshaping how adolescents’ brains develop. There’s no denying that social media, and social media addiction, can lead to harmful, dangerous experiences, which makes resources like this even more necessary, and valuable in modern society.

Every platform is also working to implement more limits and controls to help negate these negative elements, while regulators are also considering the best ways forward to protect people from harm in social apps.

As such, it’s a positive that Meta is looking to make its range of resources more readily available, helping to guide users towards the various tools that they can access for assistance.

Meta’s Safety Center is available in over 60 languages – you can check out the updated UI here.