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Pinterest has announced the next step in its international expansion, with the platform adding support for Afrikaans, Croatian and Bulgarian language Pins, broadening global accessibility in the app. 

Pinterest language support

As per Pinterest:

“Every month more than 400 million people come to Pinterest to find the inspiration they need to create the life they love. With millions of Pins in Afrikaans, Croatian and Bulgarian already on the platform, it’s now easier than ever for Pinners to discover fresh ideas, and get inspired for their life’s projects in their preferred language.”

That’ll open up a range of new opportunities, in more regions, which could help Pinterest maintain the steadying growth momentum that it’s seen throughout this year.

International expansion, and building on its business opportunities, is a key focus for Pinterest, because while the majority of its users are now outside the US, Pinterest still generates almost 84% of its income from North American users.

Pinterest Q3 2022

You can see in this chart just how significant the divide is between the value of US and other users.

Pinterest is still in the process of expanding access to its ad tools, with Pinterest ads only recently launched in Argentina, Chile, and Colombia. That’s a crucial step in maximizing its revenue potential, and if it can provide more connection and business options in more regions, there’s significant scope for the platform to boost its revenue intake.

Which also means more language support. Today’s announcement means that Pinterest is now available in 41 languages, and you can bet that the platform is working on even more language support tools to enhance this capacity.

You can choose an alternative language on Pinterest via your device settings, with Pinterest aligning with system defaults.