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Pinterest is following the lead of TikTok by adding longer video clips in its Idea Pins format, providing another way to maximize engagement with your content.

Longer Idea Pins

As you can see in this example, shared by Lindsey Gamble, users can now upload 5-minute videos as Idea Pins, which is an expansion on the 60-second limit that’s been in place up till now.

That will provide more capacity to tell a story within your Idea Pins, and with Pinterest serving over a billion video views per day, it’s worth considering in your process.

Idea Pins, which Pinterest launched in 2021, are its take on the full-screen presentation format, with how-to guides and explainers performing particularly well as Idea Pin clips.

Pinterest Creator Fund

The longer video length will give you more room to tell your story, and expand upon key elements, in a more engaging and rich way. But then again, they could also bore people who are used to skimming through quickly – you’ll need to experiment to see what works best.

Either way, it’s another consideration. The longer video option is being rolled out to all users.