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Looking to make Pinterest a bigger focus in 2023?

This might help – this week, Pinterest is hosting a virtual event, in collaboration with Picsart, to explore the best ways to approach Pin creative, and how to make your content stand out in the app using new approaches and technologies.

Pinterest x Picsart event

As explained by Pinterest:

Learn how to easily create eye-catching and engaging pins, embrace Idea Pins in your content strategy, and explore what’s next using AI Image Generator. With 8.8M fans on Pinterest, Picsart has creative solutions for creators and small businesses that will set you up for an amazing 2023.”

AI content generators have become a much bigger focus this year, with a range of freely available tools now able to create good-looking digital art, simple video clips, articles, and more, all based on simple text prompts.

The results aren’t always great, but you can edit and refine the content as you see fit – and you can also use AI produced material in pretty much any way you want, as it’s not legally in violation of copyright.

At least not yet.

The team from Picsart will provide pointers on this, along with other Pin tips, which could be hugely valuable for those considering Pinterest within their 2023 approach.

And with 445 million active users, many of whom are coming to the app with high shopping intent, it’s definitely worth being, at the least, aware of your Pin marketing options, and where your products might fit, based on user interest, engagement trends, etc.

If you don’t know your Idea Pins from your boards, or you haven’t checked out the latest presentation options in the app, it could be well worth tuning in.

You can register here, where you can also submit questions to be asked during the event.