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Pinterest is launching a new promotional campaign in which it looks to further distance itself from its social network roots, by framing Pinterest as a more positive space, free of the judgment and criticism that comes with those ‘other’ apps.

As you can see in this example, the new campaign (annoyingly titled ‘Don’t Don’t Yourself’) looks to highlight the ‘inner saboteurs’ that hold us back, with Pinterest being ‘the antidote to doubt’.

Though why Pinterest would be any different to other social platforms in this respect isn’t really established – outside of Pinterest saying so.

As explained by Pinterest:

“Developed in partnership with award-winning UK creative studio, Uncommon Creative Studio, the campaign introduces Pinterest as the inspiring anti-don’t where people go to do.”

I really dislike weak puns like this. I don’t know who, in what board room, came up with that ‘anti-don’t’ wording, but if you were ever doubting your own campaign creative, take heart in the fact that this is the best that Pinterest, a multi-million dollar company, could come up with.

Dopey terms aside, the campaign is interesting, and it does help to frame Pinterest as a more creative, experimental space.

But again, I’m not sure how well that will translate to actual usage.

As noted, Pinterest been trying to distance itself from the ‘social network’ tag for years, preferring instead to call itself ‘a catalog of ideas’ or similar. And it is less of a social media platform than those other apps, with the focus more on the content itself, and on products specifically, as opposed to interpersonal engagement and community.

Really, Pinterest is a UI-fueled digital store, showcasing the latest in innovative, creative products, from retailers small and large. That diversity of listings is what makes the app valuable, but whether that makes it a more open space for freedom of expression, I’m not sure.

The new campaign will run across TV, cinema and streaming in the US, UK and Germany, while Pinterest is also running a related tie-in for World Mental Health Day (October 10th), with a live, interactive installation in New York, ‘that takes on one of those inner saboteurs’.
More info to come on that.