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Pinterest is testing out a new ‘Premiere Spotlight’ ad unit, which would place a brands’ promotion in the prominent, top-of-screen real estate on the app’s search page.

Pinterest Premiere Spotlight

As you can see in this example, Kohl’s, the first partner to test the new ad unit, has reserved premium placement on the search screen, which could give it a big boost in exposure, and reaching Pinners when they go looking for products in the app.

Premiere Spotlight will give advertisers prime position for 24 hours, with engaging, video promotions that will be activated in-stream. Tap on the ‘Visit Site’ CTA in the ad and you’ll be taken to the brand’s website, which opens within the Pinterest app, enabling advertisers to drive direct response from the promotion.

It’s a very attention-grabbing, up-front ad option, which will no doubt be popular with big advertisers in the app – though it could also be cost-prohibitive for smaller brands. Pinterest hasn’t released the official costs of the ad unit as yet, but it seems likely to be a premium option, which may make it a lesser consideration for the majority.

But it’s another indicator of Pinterest’s evolving video ad offerings, and the direction that it’s moving with its promotional elements. And at 450 million users, and rising, and most of them coming to platform with shopping intent, it’s definitely becoming a bigger consideration for connecting with interested consumers, and promoting relevant content in-stream.

And like all platforms, video is now a bigger element in the app. Pinterest’s big focus here is Idea Pins, which are driving more adoption and usage, with overall video supply rising by 30% year over year.

It makes sense, then, for Pinterest to lean into this where it can, and these new ad units will definitely help brands grab attention, and align with evolving user behaviors.

Premiere Spotlight is in beta testing with selected partners, with a broader launch coming later in the year.