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Reddit’s looking to highlight the expertise and insight of its highly engaged community via a new installation at CES 2023 which it’s calling ‘Future Tellers’, which will showcase key trends, and help marketers understand how they can discover the same, in order to glean more benefit, and improve their marketing approaches in the app.

Reddit Future Tellers

The installation, set to be hosted at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, will provide an interactive exploration of some of Reddit’s most forward-thinking communities.

As explained by Reddit:

“We know that redditors are ahead of the curve. Almost half of our U.S. users identify as tech enthusiasts and 45% consider themselves “early adopters”. Discussions on Reddit between experts and enthusiasts surface opinions, insights and overall sentiment, which can often offer a glimpse into the future.”

The Future Tellers display will include a Reddit community Crystal Ball – ‘a digital art installation that, with the push of a button, showcases ideas and predictions around the future of tech, gaming, transportation, and more, from Reddit’s leading communities on these topics’.

There’ll also be a ‘Communi-Tea Leaves’ element, which will highlight key conversations and threads on Reddit that are driving opinions and culture, along with a Prediction Challenge, in which visitors will be able to take a shot at guessing the next big shifts, then check how those predictions stack up against those of the Reddit community.

Reddit’s working to make its platform a more attractive destination for brands, with the capacity to reach millions of highly engaged, knowledgeable users.

With the right approach, it can be a key research and insights tool, and it could also be a valuable marketing option in certain niches.

Reddit will be looking to make the presented insights available to all marketers in future – we’ll keep you updated on when it comes to hand.

CES 2023 will be held between January 5th – 8th.