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As part of the continued development of its ad business, Reddit has today announced the initial partner platforms that have been accepted into its Ads API program, which will see these providers given advanced access to Reddit’s ad tools, for a range of new integrations.

As explained by Reddit:

VidMobSprinklradMixt, and PMG will join us as foundational partners in the development of our Ads API, part of our wider Marketing API offering. These partnerships will empower our advertisers to measure creative efficacy as well as automate, scale and optimize their campaigns to drive increased usability, efficiency, and functionality of their Reddit Ads.

Through these new partnerships, advertisers will be able to access additional Reddit ad creation and analytics functionality, with each covering different elements.

  • Vidmob: Integrating Reddit’s Ads Manager with Vidmob’s creative analytics will tie ad creative performance to advertiser’s business goals. With Vidmob’s real-time ad performance data and insights, Reddit advertisers will be able to increase ROAS and stretch marketing dollars further with Intelligent Creative
  • Sprinklr: With industry-leading AI in its unified platform for customer experience management, Sprinklr’s partnership will help advertisers scale their Reddit campaigns while saving time, increasing revenue and mitigating brand risk
  • adMixt: Focused on profitably growing sustainable eCommerce brands, adMixt’s award-winning technology is purpose-built to optimize and attribute incremental new customer acquisition. Their paid media management and creative service offering will work to enhance Reddit advertiser performance, at the highest scale
  • PMGThe independent agency brings together a team of strategists, technologists and creatives to help brands meet consumers where they are, connecting more Reddit advertisers with the right audience and unlock new opportunities for the agency’s clients to scale across the Reddit platform

In future, these partnerships will continue to expand, giving more businesses more access to advanced Reddit ad options, which will facilitate advanced targeting, analytics, placement and more.

Reddit says that its Ads API remains in development, with these initial partners set to help the platform build and evolve its ad tools, with a view to providing more tools and options for all marketing partners moving forward.

As noted, Reddit has been working to evolve its ad platform in recent times, first by removing some of its most controversial, and potentially risky subreddits, then through the development of its ad tools and options, providing more capacity to connect with the engaged users in the app.

And with over 50 million daily active users, across 100k engaged communities, Reddit could offer significant potential for the right brands, with the right targeting in place.

With this in mind, these new integrations could be a big step, and it may well be worth exploring Reddit for conversations and communities related to your niche.