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Reddit’s looking to make it easier for brands to get into Reddit ads with a new ‘Simple Create’ option that streamlines the campaign set-up process.

Reddit Simple Create

As you can see in these example screens, Simple Create enables you to put together a Reddit ad campaign in three steps:

  • Add your creative – You can upload images or video, with multiple images becoming a carousel post. You can then enter destination and display URLs, add a CTA, and choose whether to allow comments or not
  • Choose your targeting – You can choose ‘Broad’ or ‘Custom’ audience targeting, along with geolocation details, daily budget, and start/end dates for the campaign
  • Select payment – You then set your payment info, and you’re done – your campaign is launched on Reddit

It’s an easier way to get into Reddit ads, and could help you launch your initial experiments with the platform, which currently has reach to over 57 million daily actives, across more than 100,000 highly engaged communities.

Reddit usage stats

Though as you can see above, those numbers haven’t been updated for a while, and it’s hard to know exactly how many active users Reddit has at this stage. Back in 2019, Reddit reported having over 430 million monthly active users, but that was before Reddit undertook a massive clean-out of its most controversial subreddits, which saw thousands of communities deleted, and impacted its overall usage stats.

Reddit switched to reporting daily actives instead as of 2020, and right now, the above numbers are what’s displayed on Reddit’s info page.

Of course, daily and monthly active users are very different measurements, but the likelihood of Reddit having 430 million MAU, and 57 million DAU, is not high. For comparison, Snapchat has 375m daily users, and 750m monthly actives.

Still, even at 57 million actives, that’s a significant audience of dedicated, engaged users that are active in Reddit communities.

Which could be a good ad targeting option, aligning your promotions with specific topics and discussions, and it may well be worth exploring Reddit’s evolving ad tools to see what results you get.

Simple Create, then, could be the way to go, in testing out the platform with a smaller budget, and experimenting with Reddit’s automated targeting, which is the default bidding option in this process.

It may be worth a look – you can find out more about Reddit’s Simple Create process here.