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Mother’s Day is coming up (5/14), and Reddit has published a new guide that explains why its platform could be a valuable consideration for your Mother’s Day marketing push, and how to connect with Redditors around the event.

The 16-page guide includes a range of notes and pointers to help optimize your Mother’s Day approach, which is Reddit-specific, but likely also relates to how other social platforms see engagement around the event.

You can download the full guide here, but in this post, we’ll take a look at some of the highlights.

First off, Reddit provides an overview of its unique audience, and their engagement in Mother’s Day shopping.

Reddit Mother's Day

As you can see in this chart, Reddit provides reach to users that are not active in other social apps, with one in five Reddit users being moms.

That provides unique insight into relevant conversations and interests.

Reddit Mother's Day

Indeed, Reddit says that there are over 6,000 communities in the app that are actively discussing Mother’s Day and related topics.

Reddit Mother's Day

That could provide a valuable pool of research for your planning and marketing, while also enabling you to connect with people researching specific products and offers.

Reddit also provides insight into when Mother’s Day discussion peaks, and how you should plan your marketing outreach accordingly.

Reddit Mother's Day

There are also notes on specific ad types and promotions which could help to boost your campaigns, in order to connect with Reddit users around the event.

There are some handy notes here, which could be worth considering. And while Reddit may not seem like the most obvious channel for Mother’s Day marketing, there could well be opportunities there, both for market research and outreach, if you go looking.

You can download Reddit’s full Mother’s Day marketing guide here.