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Snapchat has added another AI element, with new generative AI profile backgrounds now available for Snapchat+ subscribers in the app.

Snapchat+ profile backgrounds

As you can see in these images, shared by Ahmed Ghanem, the new option enables users to generate an AI background for their profile display, by entering a text prompt of what they’re after.

Like: ‘cairo skyline view’.

Snapchat+ profile backgrounds

Once you enter in your prompt, you’ll then get a few options to choose from, enabling you to select the visual that best suits what you’re going for in your in-app presence.

Snapchat has already integrated OpenAI’s GPT technology via its ‘My AI’ chatbot tool, which enables Snapchat+ subscribers to generate text responses to questions in the app.

This new element looks to be the next step in Snap’s integration of AI tools, which will also build even more exclusive functionality into Snapchat+, and could help it to further build on the success of its subscription offering.

Indeed, Snapchat+ already has over 2.5 million paying subscribers, which is well beyond what any other platform has seen in a subscription program. For comparison, Twitter Blue, at most recent count, has around 500k paying subscribers, despite much more coverage and discussion of Twitter’s paid verification service.

The difference here is that Snapchat is a lot more aligned with its audience, and is a much more significant part of their interactive process. Snapchat has also focused on adding value into its subscription service, as opposed to selling blue ticks, and that approach has seemingly resonated much more with its audience.

Additions like this will further enhance the appeal of the option. And while it’s only a relatively minor update, it’s another opportunity for Snap to build in generative AI tools, and align with the latest trends.

The new option is available to Snapchat+ subscribers now – you can learn more about Snapchat+ here.