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Snapchat’s adding some new audio elements, with recommended audio clips for Lenses, and sound sync for video and photo montages.

The first element will highlight relevant audio to match with Snaps where you’ve added a Lens.

Snapchat sounds for Lenses

As you can see in this image, you’ll now see a new sounds icon when you create your Snap.

“When applying a Lens to a photo or video, Snapchatters can tap the Sounds icon to access a list of relevant Sounds to add to a snap.”

It could be an easy way to add related audio elements to your creations, with thematic sounds based on usage trends and traits.

Sound sync meanwhile will make it easier to create montage videos from your photos.

Snapchat sound sync

Clips created via sound sync are automatically matched to the rhythm of the audio track you choose, which are based on clips available in Snap’s Sounds Library.

“Snapchatters can select between 4-20 photos/videos from their camera roll for their montage clips.”

The option will provide another way to create engaging Snaps, and video style clips from still images.

Audio has become a bigger consideration for content creators, with the arrival of TikTok ushering in a new ‘sound on’ approach. That’s opened up more opportunity for all apps to add more audio elements, which have helped increase engagement, and add another perspective to posts.

Snapchat, which already sees more the 70% of its users engaging with its AR tools every day, is in a unique position to tap into this shift, and align itself with trending audio experiences.

Sound sync could also provide new opportunities for brands to create better looking Snaps from still assets.

Sounds Recommendations for Lenses is available in the US, and will be rolling out globally soon, while Sounds Sync for Camera Roll is also available to US users, and will be available everywhere in March.