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Snapchat has announced a new set of Halloween Lenses and Bitmoji features, along with some new exclusives for Snapchat+ subscribers to celebrate spooky season.

Which could help to add a seasonal feel to your Snaps – first off, Snap’s added a range of new Halloween-themed lenses, including Rune Room, which stamps runes across your walls, and Spooky Pet, which can transform your pet into a ghost-like apparition.

As you can see in the video, there’s a whole range of Halloween Lenses to explore, which will no doubt be popular during the event.

Snap’s also added five new Bitmoji costumes, including a cat burglar, a devil catsuit, a superhero, a cheerleader, and an 80s aerobics instructor.

Snapchat Halloween

And that’s not all – as per Snap:

“For a limited time only, secure Fantasy Wings for your Bitmoji, which are exclusively available on Snapchat until November 1. Or, if dressing up isn’t for you, choose from three new festive Halloween t-shirts, including two spooky graphic tees and one that simply reads ‘This is my Costume’.

Amid the broader metaverse hype, Bitmoji have become an even bigger focus, with Snap hoping to push the option as a digital identity tool, with a view to enabling people to integrate their Bitmoji characters into future experiences.

Which makes sense – over a billion Bitmoji characters have been created, and many people already use them as a digital avatar in the app. It stands to reason that at least some of those users will be keen to use their Bitmoji doppelganger as their metaverse avatar as well, and as this becomes a more habitual behavior, Snap’s looking to re-angle Bitmoji fashion, in particular, as a new expression options.

Finally, Snapchat’s added some new profile background options for Snapchat+ members, providing an exclusive for its paying subscribers.

I mean, it may not be much, but Snapchat+ sign-ups are on the rise, now with over 1.5 million paying subscribers. A few new backgrounds may not seem like a big deal, but clearly, there is interest in the option either way.

And aside from personal usage, there could be brand options here, in using Snapchat’s Halloween features to spice up your seasonal posts and updates. Linking into the event could help to grab attention, and the right Lens could be a great way to lean into the theme.