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Snapchat has announced a new integration with measurement and attribution provider Rockerbox, which will provide more data to help Snapchat advertisers maximize marketing performance.

Snapchat Rockerbox

Rockerbox provides attribution and performance insights across a range of online channels, giving you a more holistic view of how each of your ad elements is performing.

With this new integration, Snapchat will now feed its performance data into the Rockerbox system.

As per Snap:

Through this enhanced partnership, Snap will sit alongside Rockerbox’s 200+ other platform integrations with popular search, social, display, and traditional channels, allowing marketers to see exactly how much of their conversions and revenue can be attributed to Snap. You can do this by tapping into Snap’s expansive set of Performance Marketing solutions, whether you’re focused on driving online sales, generating leads, or acquiring and re-engaging with users of your mobile app.”

The partnership will provide Snapchat marketers with new capacity to measure attribution, share of impact within your marketing channels, and additional insights into audience response, which will help you optimize and maximize your Snap ads performance.

It’s another step for Snap’s business tools, which continue to evolve as the platform looks to capitalize on its marketing opportunities. Snapchat, which is now up to 750 million monthly active users, remains a key connective platform for younger audiences, and as such, it also provides significant potential for reaching these audiences and generating hype around your products.

The new insights will help to optimize your Snap approach within your broader marketing strategy.

You can read more about Snap’s new partnership with Rockerbox here.