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Snapchat has shared an overview of the top Snap trends of 2022, including the most popular Lenses, Snap locations, movies, songs and more.

And once again, throughout 2022, Snapchat has remained a leader in the AR space, with its Lenses continually sparking new trends, which then expand across apps. Its ‘Crying Face’ Lens is yet another example from this year, while other Lenses like ‘Anime’, ‘Cartoon Kid’ and ‘Shook’ also saw big usage.

Snap also notes that the number of Snap Stories with music grew by more than 3x in 2022, which is likely, at least in part, due to TikTok sparking all new music usage behaviors and trends, that have also reached Snap.

There are also some interesting notes here on the movies and TV shows which sparked the most Snap chatter, while the top tourist locations don’t provide a heap of insight, but are interesting to note in terms of usage trends.

In addition to this, Snap’s also launching a new Year End Stories feature, which will provide an automatically generated Story made up of your favorite memories from the past year. You’ll be able to find the option by swiping up from the Camera in the app.

You can check out Snap’s top trends of 2022 below, while you can also get more Snap trend insight in its full, 10-page 2022 overview report.

Snapchat 2022 Trends